Coconut Contentment: A Paleo Food Blog

I’m a wife to a hungry, church-planting caveman. I love serving with him in our first church plant in downtown Nashville.

My creative outlet is my kitchen- I love to create delicious Paleo meals and treats- especially for that hungry man I’m married to.

We chose the Paleo diet due to my many health problems- and we also just love feeling good all the time!

After practicing a gluten-free diet for several years prior to starting the Paleo diet, my health had definitely improved- but it wasn’t great.  These days though- I can truly say- I have never felt better.  The Paleo diet has healed this girl’s gut.

Coconut Contentment has developed out of my desire to share my my gut-healing Paleo recipes, tips, and tricks with you (many which will involve coconut) and to along the way encourage you through the Gospel to finding true contentment and healing in Jesus.

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