Paleo Ingredients

Paleo Ingredients

Sources for our Staple Paleo Ingredients:

Coconut Oil: Tropical Traditions– they have sales and free shipping all the time! Sign up for emails to keep updated on their deals. I also purchase their products through Bulk Natural Foods.  Trader Joe’s also carries a good product.

Coconut Flour: Let’s Do Organic or Tropical Traditions- Let’s Do Organic is available at our Whole Foods for less than $6 a pound, it’s the less expensive option and I have found that there is no difference in the two brands.  *The great thing about this flour: it absorbs so much liquid, you can get by with only using a little for each baked good. 1/4 cup makes 6 normal size muffins in most recipes.  A great everyday flour.

Blanched Almond Flour:Honeyville – Good almond flour is essential for creating beautiful baked goods- almond meal will produce gritty, crumbly baked goods.

Almond Meal: Trader Joe’s! Great sub for cracker crumbs in meatloaf or casseroles.  I suggest actually buying it at a Trader Joe’s, online it is more expensive.

Arrowroot Powder: Bob’s Red Mill- My go-to starch.  Helps baked goods be light and fluffy.  Also great for creating a crisp pizza crust. I purchase it in store- is it less expensive this way. Bulk Natural Foods also has a great affordable option.

Produce: Trader Joe’s has the most affordable options in my experience.  They offer affordable organic options.  I also try to go to our Farmer’s Markets as much as possible. Support your local farmers 🙂

Grass-Fed Beef: We are blessed to have friends that have friends that have grass-fed cows! We got a great deal…My suggestion, think about who you know- you never know what connections you may have for getting your hands on good quality beef.  Trader Joe’s also has some good options, and they are less expensive than the options at Kroger that I’ve found.

Eggs: Willow Farms! Or Trader Joe’s Organic Large eggs

Poultry/Wild Caught Fish: Trader Joe’s

Ryan’s Bacon: Trader Joe’s or Benton’s Bacon (his fav)

Honey: Local Farmers

Coconut Milk: I buy Trader Joe’s lite coconut milk.  It’s additive-free and only $0.99/can.  I use it in cooking/baking and in my morning coffee!  A great option for full fat (though expensive): Nature Value.

I am definitely a Trader Joe’s fan.  I am thankful for their affordable prices on quality food!

Trader Joe's

Enjoy 🙂

**This post is dedicated to Jill Baine- She taught me SO much about how to afford healthy eating! Thankful for such a godly woman who loves me so much!

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  • Jill says:

    So how the information “I have a blog now”, was never passed along to me, I’ll never know! You KNOW I’m not on facebook.:) haha Whit told me to check out this post and the dedication. You humble me and I feel honored.:) Still love you so much and still trying to perfect the art of making healthy eating affordable. So proud of you, Sweet Emily. Hope your stock worked out.
    Love, Jill

  • Aspen says:

    Amazon also has some amazing prices on different paleo friendly flours. I picked up three pounds of coconut flour for $12 and a one pound bad of super fine blanched almond flour for around $13. They arrived today and the quality seems great!

    Thanks for such a helpful post!

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