Tools to Make Paleo a Breeze

Tools to Make Paleo a Breeze

Some of my Favorite Kitchen Tools that Just Make Life Easier:

Food Processor: With my (10-cup) food processor I dice and shred veggies, make nut butters, blend batters, and make pie crusts.  It’s quick, easy, and all of its parts can be thrown in the dishwasher (my favorite thing in my kitchen).  They are great investments. Look for deals!

A Very Powerful Blender: I use ours for  smoothies, soups, coconut butter, vegetable juices, sauces, apple butter...and the list could go on.  It’s a great investment as well-especially for busy people!

Crock-pot: Who doesn’t love these? They do EVERYTHING.

Potato masher: Great for whipping up some mashed sweet potatoes quickly! A weeknight staple for us.

Hand Mixer: Great for whipping up egg whites for meringue or for folding into batters. Also great for creaming or mixing for batters.

Good knives and cutting boards: Good sharp knives make food prep a breeze- along with easy to clean cutting boards (dishwasher safe!).

Mason Jars: Freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe…and in every shape and size.   Great for fermenting and perfect for storage.  I store flours, nuts, coconut, nut-butters, stock, and more in these jars.  As of late, I made Lavender Vinegar in a couple of our Mason Jars:

Tools to Make Paleo a Breeze by Coconut Contentment

An organized kitchen, where your most used items and supplies are easily accessible, makes all the difference in the world.

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Enjoy 🙂

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