Waffles – Breakfast Champions

Waffles – Breakfast Champions

So the latest staple in the Coatney household – Waffles.  They can do anything.  Except the dishes – that would be AWESOME.  But seriously – they are super versatile.  I often make a huge batch on Sundays – enough for a whole week of breakfast or a before dinner snack 😉 Easy for grab and go.  Perfect for a sandwich.  Perfect to hold up a delicious piece of fried chicken.  AND OF COURSE – perfect to have on a Saturday morning with the ones you love – all drizzled with maple syrup or honey! And if you’re like me – you love-a some fruit on top! Aww waffles…Champions. So – here are my two FAVORITE ways to have waffles – and following there is a soooooo easy and quick waffle recipe. 🙂  Get those waffle irons heatin folks!

Fresh Strawberry and Coconut Waffles

Paleo Strawberry and Coconut Waffles (Nut-free) - Coconut Contentment

These are super simple, of course.  Simply top a waffle or two (or three) with fresh cut strawberries and coconut flakes.

Coconut Contentment - Fresh Strawberries

I love to add a dab of coconut oil and drizzle a bit of maple syrup on top, as well.  And of course – any fruit can be placed on waffles!

Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

Coconut Contentment Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

Optional fillings:

  • Fried eggs
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Avocado or guacamole
  • Mayo
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Salt and Pepper

Coconut Contentment Waffle Breakfast Sandwich (Paleo)

Prepare your fillings – I love just bacon and a fried egg on mine!

Coconut Contentment - Eggs and Bacon Waffle Sandwich Once the fillings are about ready – Toast two waffles (I toast mine with a bit of coconut oil in our oven on broil) until beginning to crisp – 2-3 minutes.

Coconut Contentment Paleo Waffle Sandwich Assemble! Devour 🙂

Paleo Waffles

Prep: 5 min          Cook: 8-10 min          Serves: 2-3 (Recipe easily doubled) Ingredients:

  • 4 eggs
  • 3/4 cup coconut/almond/dairy milk
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil, palm shortening, or butter
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
  • Sprinkle of sea salt
  • Optional: 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Optional: 1-2 tbsp honey


  1. Turn your waffle maker on – read the instructions before using if you haven’t!  Know your waffle maker – and get to know it better by making lots of waffles.
  2. Put all of the ingredients in a blender (or stir by hand for a little bit of exercise).  Add the honey and vanilla if you want a sweet waffle (ideal for breakfast or brunch).
  3. Now – cook ’em! Make sure to grease with coconut oil/ghee in between each round. For my little waffle maker – which makes two normal size square waffles – these waffles are normally done in 8-10 minutes.
  4. Now serve how ya like it! Below are my favorite ways.  I highly recommend always adding a bit of melted coconut oil or ghee on top! Just wonderful any way you have them.

*I adapted this recipe a bit from Paleo Spirit‘s Pancake Recipe. Keep up with all things Coconut Contentment and more…via TwitterFacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

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