Coconut Contentment Update!

Coconut Contentment Update!

Baby boy has come and his mama finally has figured out how to pick up a laptop and blog again. Currently baby boy is hanging out in the Ergo baby carrier taking a nap while I try to type as quietly as possible…

So just to give a quick update on all things Coconut Contentment! I plan to be posting yummy recipes again and will be incorporating much more content related to quick meals and how to eat healthy when you are trying to keep up with those kiddos or that crazy job you have. I am looking forward to sharing with you all again! A great way to stay is connected is to sign up for my newsletter – you can do that here!

And lastly here’s that sweet baby boy we call Farmer…


As you can see we are a little obsessed…


Be looking later this week for a delicious grain-free Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  It’s nut-free, seed-free and coconut-free! And will blow your mind. Again – sign up for that newsletter so you don’t miss out! 

Much love.

P.S. All of these photographs are by the beautiful and talented Joanna Marie Morris!